To promote gender and social inclusiveness throughout the policy cycle, the first and foremost step should be building capacity of the people to act in a more sensitive manner, while they act as an agent for the change in society.

Keeping that in mind, IID provided gender and social inclusion training to its Youth for Policy Fellows; who are working at the grassroots to promote fairer labour migration. The day-long workshop held on January 28, 2019 at Chuti Resort, Gazipur.

The workshop started with individual representation of the participants that led to a discussion that how we can collaborate and create synergy in our work and coexist while each individual are unique in their perception. After that a step game was played, through which the idea of ‘Intersectionality’ was introduced and discussed. This gave a realization- how different characteristics, traits and incidents intersects every human being and results into the discrimination people face, because of having different orientation, for example sex, race, religion, education, property ownership, ethnicity and so on. Then after giving a theoretical idea about ‘Patriarchy’ and its impact; the participants were divided into small groups and asked to find out how patriarchy restricts women and their rights. The participants gave group presentation and further discussion took place.

The workshop ended with discussion about how each participant want to see their future generations, regardless of gender. Different perception came out through the discourse which gave the participants an empathetic understanding that to implement any work, one should be more sensitive to include all the people who are left behind.

The day-long session was a part of the Gender and Social Inclusion Training that IID has been organizing for its Issue Based Partners who work in promoting fairer labour migration and climate financing, IID’s core staffs and fellows who are working at the grassroots.